This class is by invitation only or if you have been assessed, this is due to the level of commitment required for the safety of the child, when events are held as well as programme requirements if you have any questions please just ask at the office.

These classes are for both female and male gymnasts from the age of 5 years upwards who show an invested interest in gymnastics and would like the opportunity to represent our club at recreational competitions throughout the Wellington region.  The programme offers a similar environment to our national competitive programme, but without having to commit the time associated to the competitive classes. 

The class focus is to learn routines for the competitions throughout the year, as well as upgrading their skills to progress to higher levels of competition.  They must attend 1 class if they are in the Introduction to EXCEL or if they are in the EXCEL class they will attend  2 classes per week  Gymnasts follow the Gymnastics New Zealand recreational competitive programme and compete against other gymnasts from similar programmes from different clubs.